Dog Show Expert Advice - Allan Reznik

Cocker Spaniel Colors

AKC’s breed standard allows black Cockers with a bit of white on the chest or throat.

Judging Toy Breeds on the Floor

An exhibitor should speak up if a judge bends down to judge a small dog and startles it.

Why Should I Show in Miscellaneous?

The AKC’s Miscellaneous Class gives lesser-known breeds invaluable visibility.

The Outgoing Show Dog

A show dog’s confidence depends a lot on socialization as a puppy.

Differences in Dog Show Leads

Chain, nylon, leather, and fabric options abound for showings dogs in the ring.


Disqualifications in the Show Ring

A coat color not mentioned in the breed standard may not always be a disqualification.

Afghan Hound Breed Standard

The American Kennel Club standard for the Afghan Hound spells out general appearance and temperament in the show ring.

Stacking in the Show Ring

A breed that is free stacked in the conformation ring should be free stacked in Junior Showmanship as well.

The Role of a Dog Show Steward

Stewarding keeps a dog show judge’s ring running smoothly.

Where to Start in Showing Dogs

Young dog lover should research breed clubs, standards, and consider handling classes.


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