Dog Show Expert Advice - Allan Reznik

Deciphering Dog Show Classes

The American Kennel Club has several classes in which to compete depending on your dog’s age and experience.

Why Can’t Fixed Dogs Be Shown?

Altered dogs can be shown in several American Kennel Club classes.

Why the Bred-by-Exhibitor Class?

The prestigious Bred-by-Exhibitor class let breeders showcase their dogs in the ring.

The Reluctant Show Dog

Take a break from show ring or try a professional handler to bring out the champion in a dog who hates to show.

Sorting Out Dog Registries

The American Kennel Club and the American Canine Association are both registries, but quite different in scope.


Acceptable Rottweiler Markings

The Rottweiler standard indicates white markings are a serious fault.

Getting Started as a Junior Dog Handler

Junior Handling lets participants learn to groom and show a variety of dog breeds.

Showing a Timid Dog

Try handling classes and mingling with other dogs to build your show dog’s confidence.

Why No Winning French Bulldogs?

Even the most superior Frenchies have some tough competition in the Non-Sporting group.

Shoes Built for a Dog Show

Support is more important than fashion when you’re walking on concrete for a whole weekend.


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