Rescuing a Purebred Dog

A prospective owner tries to find a purebred Labrador Retriever to adopt.


Q. I am looking for a chocolate Labrador Retriever puppy. I’m considering adopting a dog who needs a home instead of buying one from a breeder. However, I do want a purebred Lab. By looking at this picture, do you think this puppy is purebred Lab or a mix?

A. Of course, I can’t see this puppy’s proportions, outline or tail, but with its long head and muzzle, ears and long, lean legs, it looks more like a solid liver-colored German Shorthaired Pointer to me than it does a chocolate Labrador.


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melody   willits, CA

1/19/2009 11:08:08 PM

I can't see the whole body of the dog from this picture but looking at his long muzzle, face and ears I would say he's a pointer but I can see a hint of lab in him too, I just can't explain it, I love labs and you can usually tell a lab when you see one and this cutie is either pure pointer or he has lab in him, but that's just my opinion, he's a nice looking pup and would be a good addition to your family either way.

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Linda   Marshfield, MO

9/21/2008 6:38:30 PM

There is no way to know for sure unless you have papers in hand. There good hearted people who want there animals to have a good home and sometimes A bit of the devil shows up ...

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