Why No Westies?

It should be easy to spot a West Highland White Terrier excelling in competition.


Q. I have a West Highland White Terrier that I love dearly. When I watch dog competitions, I eagerly wait for the Westie to be shown. It seems that most of the time they bypass the Westie. Why?

A. Westies are very competitive in every discipline from conformation (dog shows) to obedience and agility to earth dog trials. It’s probably pure coincidence that the dog shows you’ve watched on TV did not happen to have a Westie win Group 1 among the Terriers, but they do very well as a rule.

All the wire-coated Terrier breeds need to be hand-stripped, which is a time-intensive job and there are no shortcuts. This means that the handlers who show Terriers are absolute pros, dedicated and at the top of their game.

Go to the West Highland White Terrier Club of America website to find regional breed clubs and see when Westie specialties (a show for just your breed) will be held in your part of the country. There you will see Westies of all ages, from puppies to senior citizens, get to chat with breeders, and meet their dogs. This experience will definitely enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of the breed.


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Mark   Wayne, New Jersey

3/17/2014 10:06:39 PM

I watched my parents with there Westie, they loved him from beginning to end. However, I've never seen such a headstrong dog! He'd bite the tops of my wife's shoes, [bows] off. He always had a terrible skin condition, no matter how many times my parents brought him to the
I went on in life to purchase a Sheltie, great character, loving, highly intelligent, and a true companion to everyone in the family. He is the king of the family, and why not? Having grown up with dogs, this dog is the best!

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Kathy   Oshkosh, WI

5/23/2010 5:28:18 AM

We just bought a westie puppy and would like to train her and have her compete in earth dog competitions. We live in central
Do dogs have to be AKC regisitered?

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