Ask the Groomer with Kathy Salzberg, NCMG

Dog Coat Gunk Removal

Home remedies, professional products, and shaving can help remove adhesive or grease from a dog’s coat.

Grooming Tools for a Dog’s Wiry Coat

The correct grooming tools help get the job done right.

Papillon With Ear Problems

Your vet can help determine the cause of a dog’s itchy ears, but you can help relieve his symptoms.

Havanese With a Puppy Cut

The Havanese coat should be long and flowing in the show ring, but can be cut short on a pet.

How to Groom a Cocker Spaniel

Tips to correctly groom a Cocker Spaniel at home.


Cleaning a Dirty Dog

The right shampoo and conditioner won’t dry out a dog who needs to be bathed frequently.

A Dog Groomer’s Dilemma

A groomer must explain to an owner that shaving a dog is necessary for the pet’s health and comfort.

The Basics of Brushing a Dog’s Coat

How often, for how long, and what tools you need to correctly brush a dog depend on the breed.

Problems Drying a Maltese

Introduce a quieter blow dyer in small steps to dry a spooked Maltese.

Grooming an Aggressive Shelter Dog

An abused dog growls and snarls at the groomer, forcing his owners to try grooming him at home.


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