Ask the Groomer with Kathy Salzberg, NCMG

Grooming Your Bulldog

Cleaning those distinctive wrinkles three times a week will keep your Bulldog happy, healthy, and odor-free.

Dog Detanglers and Coat Conditioners

Breeds prone to dry, sensitive skin can benefit from specialized grooming products.

Eliminating the Wet-Dog Smell

Sometimes towel-drying won’t completely get rid of moisture in your dog’s coat.

Dog Grooming At Home

With a groomer suffering hand problems, a dog owner tries to groom her dog herself.

Tips for Grooming Your Dog with Electric Clippers

Clipping more than once will help produce a smoother, more even coat for your dog.


The Great Shave Debate

Shaving a dog down saves times but could lead to irreparable coat damage.

Dog Toenail Trimming

Tips to make clipping your dog’s nails easier.

Living With Dog Allergies

By making a few simple changes, you and your dog can live together peacefully.

Curly Coats on a Yorkie

Owner tries to straighten her Yorkshire Terrier’s curly tresses.

Finding the Right Dog Breed

How much a dog sheds may be an issue in choosing the right companion.


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