Ask the Groomer with Kathy Salzberg, NCMG

Save Money by Trimming Your Dog’s Nails

Learn how to trim your dog’s nail like a pro using a grinding tool.

Golden Retriever Hates Nail Trimming

Try these techniques to make nail trimming less traumatic for you both.

Finding a Pomeranian Groomer

Look for a certified dog groomer with excellent scissor skills to help your Pomeranian look her best.

Hand-Stripping a Giant Schnauzer

Hand-stripping is the process of plucking the outer guard hairs once a dog’s coat is "blown.”

Grooming an Akita

Because of the Akita’s double coat, most just need a bath and regular brushouts.


The Blushing Border Collie Mix

Some dogs seem unhappy or scared after being shaved down, but most just need time to adjust.

Grooming a Heavy-Coated Dog for the Heat

Dogs with heavy, thick coats can benefit from certain haircuts during warm weather.

Keeping a Shetland Sheepdog Cool

A "thin and trim” haircut can help Shelties stay cool in warm weather.

Consider a Standard Schnauzer

A prospective Schnauzer owner weighs the grooming requirements of the Standard variety.

Perfecting a Miniature Schnauzer’s Eyebrows

The Mini Schnauzer’s unique beard and eyebrows take practice and patience to achieve.


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