How Should You Groom a Pomeranian?

A dog groomer gives advice on grooming a Pomeranian to breed standard.


Q. I am wondering what to do with my Pomeranian's coat. Every time I take him to be groomed, they cut his coat and it's never the same. Will his coat ever grow out? Can you tell me how he should be groomed?

A. As long as he has not been shaved close enough to permanently damage the hair follicles of the outer coat, your dog’s hair should grow back. As to how he should be groomed, according to the breed standard for the show ring, a Pomeranian should be left in full coat.

His outer coat, made up of “guard hair,” is harsher and more lustrous than his soft downy undercoat. This padding adds to his beauty by supporting the long straight topcoat, making it stand out from his compact body. The coat is most abundant in the chest and thighs, giving the dog a delightfully rounded appearance. The hair on the tail should be long, straight and profuse as it curls proudly over his back. Show folks do some subtle trimming for neatness and a clean sharp outline.

When grooming Pomeranians, groomers may trim them down more to make upkeep easier. We also trim the hocks with scissors, clip under the tail for sanitary reasons, round the ears with thinning shears, shave out footpads and neaten feet with thinners, giving them what we call “cat feet.”

A Pomeranian’s puffed out appearance suits his character – important as well as lovable and loyal. I hope you find a dog groomer whose work will be pleasing to both you and your Pomeranian.

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Janet   Bethlehem, PA

8/21/2011 12:19:56 PM

good article, thanks

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sa   montclair, NJ

7/4/2007 3:52:40 PM

Good info. Thanks! I find it easier to groom belly, feet and legs with my Pom laying on his back in my lap. Trained the command 'tum-tum' so he knows he will be flipped on his back for grooming, so much easier for us both!

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