Poodle, Toy

Fast Facts

Country of Origin:Germany
AKC Group:Toy Group
Use today:Companion
Life Span:12 to 14 years
Color:All solid colors are acceptable.
Coat:Dense, harsh and frizzy.
Grooming:Regular grooming. Brush daily.
Size:Small Dog Breed
Height:10 inches or under at the shoulder
Weight:Proportionate to height

The tiniest member of the Poodle trio, the Toy Poodle measures 10 inches or under at the shoulder. Bright, amusing, good-natured and clever, the Toy Poodle makes an ideal companion for the less active and those with limited space. The breed makes a fine little watchdog, protective of its home but not given to senseless barking. For those who need a little dog to pamper, this breed seems made to order. Its coat is dense, harsh and frizzy, in all solid colors. It needs daily brushing and regular professional grooming to maintain the desired outline. While show dogs are limited to two acceptable clips, the pet Poodle may be trimmed in a variety of styles according to the owner's preference. Ears should be cleaned as necessary and dusted with antiseptic powder to prevent infection. Toenails should be trimmed or filed short enough to keep the toes from spreading, and hair between the pads should be trimmed to prevent matting. The Toy Poodle isn't fragile, but neither is it robust enough to be a small child's pet. (Editor's Note: According to the American Kennel Club breed standard, parti-colored Poodles will be disqualified from the AKC show ring. However, they may be shown at United Kennel Club conformation events.)


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