Dog Peeing in Bed

What to do when your dog's favorite place to pee is your favorite place to sleep.


Q: We rescued our dog Abbey from an unhealthy and abusive home. We have had her for a year, but she still frightens easily and if you go to pick her up, scratch her, or if you raise your voice she drops down and starts urinating. We hoped this behavior would stop after we provided her with a loving home, but the problem has only gotten worse. She’s now peeing in my bed as well as the carpet at any time. Any ideas?
A: From your description of Abby’s behavior, it sounds like there’s more than submissive urination going on here. Though that may be what you were dealing with at first, now Abby is peeing “at any time,” which means it’s not just a submissive behavior.

The fact that she is now seeking out comfortable spots, like soft furniture and carpeting, to pee, points to the possibility of an unhealthy urinary tract. Persistent peeing on beds (or other comfy places) and frequent urination can often be clues a health problem in the urinary system. You mentioned that the home she lived in before you adopted her was not a healthy environment. It’s possible that Abby had picked up a urinary tract infection from living in that unclean environment. It would be a very good idea to ask your veterinarian about this possibility, and if she or he thinks a urine culture would be advisable – do it.

In the meantime, you should treat Abby like a dog that is not yet housetrained. Keep her with you and take her to an appropriate potty spot whenever she shows signs of needing to eliminate. Keep doors to bedrooms closed or use baby gates to manage where Abby is allowed to spend time, keeping her where you can observe her. When you must leave her alone, limit her to a room with an easily cleaned floor.

Please do talk with your veterinarian about this problem. If it turns out to be an infection, Abby needs medicine to help her gain control of her urination, so she can be “clean” in the house.


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Lora   Visalia, California

4/28/2016 3:13:53 AM

I knew I find you guys my mother gave you my dog behind my back and took the chicken formations she never had an abusive wife she was so spoiled and happy her name is Suzie Q by the way her birthday is on July 4th 2010 she got a doggie birthday cake in a dress and it tore every birthday and yes she gets a Christmas present under the Christmas tree every year I missed your fifth birthday by the way I am from Visalia California the reason why she shakes because she scared and she misses and she scared and housebroken she needs her mom on myself that's my baby please memessage me make a note my mother and my sister feels so bad what they did to me by giving my dog away behind my back my mom gave me her Chihuahua that 6 years old that lives with my sister Kim in Arkansas for 6 years she has a Facebook page called Suzie Q ares Q she made accidents once or twice only on the soft bathroom rug and yet she's scared when I leave home. My mother took chip information by the way it's been 11 months I've been searching for her ever since. show me just because she didn't like my ex boyfriend best friend and I didn't want to hear that anymoreand did you know the day my mom did this I got a text by a drunk ex roommate that I live for 6 days she broke my nose gave me two black eyes and my bottom two teeth broke I walked two and a half hours and I paid my mom to watch my dog for so I can get a new home for me and my dog and guess what two days afterwards you said I'm only keeping Susie to give her away I'm not keeping her and give it back to you you should check out her page it might make you feel really bad and guilty my mom and my whole family was Arkansas I'm alone in California I had as soon as you know had before was Suzie now I have nothing except for Chelsea but that doesn't make it right doesn't make up for what she did so I found you please give her back to me if you can't handle her getting all over the floor right now I can retrain her in the litter box that's my chihuahua don't you go on Facebook she's all over the placeand I suggest you tell petlink but they are wrong to illegally transferred her in my mother's name Rebecca Simpson Farmersville California but I found it I want my son to keep back please I miss you terribly I cannot have children by the way I miscarried I was told I could not have any children I raised to you for 5 years she is my daughter if u know what I mean please email me at by the way the chip is invalid and if I don't hear from you I will contact you again here by the way I will tell my page and all my friends and he's 2000 I work for animal rights by the way animal rescue but I will let you know that's what I do thank you hope to hear from you soon sincerely


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Leslie - 233329   Lakeside, AZ

10/1/2013 10:04:55 PM

Good information. thanks

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