Female Dogs Fight Constantly

Female dog fights will only escalate, seek outside help.


Q. I have four Pekingese dogs, two males and two females. The two females fight. One female just lost sight in one eye due to a fight. When I open the back door to let them in or out it will spark a fight at times. I feel like this is my fault. I have been injured trying to break them apart. My husband and I need help.

A. You have a very serious problem in your Pekingese pack! When a female dog takes this much of a dislike to another female in the same household, it’s a situation that can only rarely be made better. Fighting between female dogs is typically more volatile if one or both are intact (not spayed), but at this point, with this much enmity between them, spaying probably won’t help.

I’d suggest you immediately ask your veterinarian for a referral to a board certified veterinary behaviorist. A veterinary behaviorist will be able to assess the situation and prescribe behavioral medication for one or both dogs if she or he considers that a viable solution.

In the meantime, you must absolutely manage your fighting females by keeping them securely separated at all times. Fights between female dogs usually become more severe each time they fight, and if one dog has already lost an eye, another fight could very well result in her death.

Sadly, it’s likely you’ll find that the only safe and permanent solution to this dangerous situation with your females will be to choose one to keep, and find a new home for the other.


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Ananda   International

11/26/2015 8:10:30 AM

Also, Angina from Pretoria (see below) has some valuable tips on dominance. I religiously followed these rules too, i.e. Humans through the door first followed by my first dog, and then the new one, etc. Separate feeding areas helped too, serve the older dog first and the younger dog immediately after, immediately followed by a walk. Be patient, it will work out.

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Ananda   Kolkata, International

11/26/2015 8:01:49 AM

My two girls fought incessantly after they were brought together the first time. After a lot of deliberation, I decided to muzzle them in each other's presence. They would go for four long walks together, muzzled, both on the same side of me, flank to flank whether they liked it or not. I did this for about a month. After that, they were fast friends, for the next 9 years, separated only by death.

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Beth   Waterford, New Jersey

3/29/2015 6:15:26 AM

I have a 7 yr old boxer and a 1-1/2 yr old lab mix. We rescued the lab when she was 8 weeks old. So the lab has grown up with the boxer. They are both females. Just recently ( a couple months ago) a new neighbor moved in next store. They had dogs and my dogs were not very happy. The would run to the fence bark and carry on. Now my 2 dogs would always play and seemed very happy. But after these people moved in next store its been rough we had to put up a 6 ft fence to keep the dogs from wanting to attack my neighbors dogs. Now the past 2-3 weeks we had had about 3 incidents with our own dogs fighting with each other. Not sure if it is a dominance thing. But now our life is turned upside down because we keep them separate at all times.. I have three children and I don't want anything to happen to them in case the dogs fight again. I love my dogs and feel like I can't get rid of one please help is there a way we can all live happy again..

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omar   alexandria, International

8/21/2014 4:59:39 PM

hello i have 3 females and they are constantly fighting usually 2 attack 1 female and they are very aggressive that she nearly lost her ear, i dunno what to do, any advice would be really helpful I'm afraid they will kill each other

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