Ask the Trainer with September Morn

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Baring teeth: defense or submission?

Observe a dog’s body language to understand the message behind baring his teeth.

Is my dog gay?

A female dog in season can elicit quirky behaviors from intact males.

Too young to leave the litter?

Puppies shouldn’t leave the litter until at least 8 weeks old.

Is It Safe to Sleep With My Dog?

Follow these guidelines when sleeping with your dog.

Letting go of the toy

How to get your dog to actually let go of the toy for fetch games.


Boat Dog Wanted

Dog breeds that make good sailing companions.

Dog Biting During Play

Some puppies bite when they get too excited.

Dog Left Home Alone

A frustrated dog chews and scratches when left tethered in the kitchen.

Dogs Fighting for Food

Puppy won’t leave older dog’s dinner alone.

Dog's Behavior Changes After Moving

A dog misbehaves while adjusting to her new home.


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