Ask the Trainer with September Morn

Help Housetrain My Dog!

Dog has accidents in the house because of family members’ different schedules.

Sudden Aggression in Dogs

A medical problem could be behind dog’s alarming behavior changes.

How Long Is Too Long to Crate a Dog?

Dogs should not be forced to spend all day in a crate.

Fighting Like Cats and Dogs

Yorkshire Terrier hates all things feline.

What To Do With a Bully Dog

How to prevent your bossy bully dog from taking over.


Dog Is Aggressive Toward Anything That Moves

A Jack Russell Terrier shows aggression toward moving people and objects.

Pet Loss Support

After a beloved dog's passing, when is the best time to get a new dog?

An Aggressive, Storm-Scared Dog

Dog becomes aggressive and afraid during storms after surviving Hurricane Katrina.

Dog Urinates in the House

A housetrained dog consistently marks his territory — on the furniture.

Dog's Food Aggression Takes Time to Fix

Using smaller food incentives, you can train your dog to eat more comfortably.


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