Ask the Trainer with September Morn

Calm a Dog’s Fear of Other People

How to help a dog who’s afraid of everyone but his owner.

Help for a Dog-Aggressive Dog

Gradual desensitization will help a dog learn to react calmly and politely when meeting other dogs.

Help for the Night-Owl Dog

Stop your dog’s pre-dawn wakeup call by scheduling feeding and training appropriately.

Putting a Stop to Puppy Bullying

In the case of two puppies bullying each other, gently intervene each time one puppy starts to overwhelm the other.

The Best Place for a Dog’s Crate

A new dog owner wants to know the best place to put a crate while crate training.


Dog Becomes Dog-Aggressive After a Move

Desensitizing a dog-aggressive pet takes time and help from a skilled trainer.

Help For a Dog Who Sleeps in Bed

Making gradual changes can help train your dog to sleep in her crate, rather than your bed.

Dog Only Has Accidents Upstairs

A dog allowed in a once off-limits area may have a few housetraining accidents.

Rewarding Dog’s Fast Command Response

Getting a dog to respond to commands more quickly takes switching up rewards.

Stop a Dog From Stealing Food Off Counters

Stop your dog’s counter-surfing by teaching him there are better ways to earn food.


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