Ask the Trainer with September Morn

Shetland Sheepdog Rummages Through Trash

Dogs rummaging through trash can be prevented with dog-proof containers.

Italian Greyhound Goes Potty in Crate

Teach your dog that his potty area and his sleeping area are two different places.

Miniature Poodle Disturbs Napping Kids

Prevent the Miniature Poodle from disturbing the napping kids in order to solve the problem.

Dog Goes Potty After Walks

Why does my dog go potty again soon after a walk?

Golden Retriever Puppy Bites When Handled

Resistance to being touched or picked up may be a sign of pain.


Dog Afraid of Nightly Walks

Siberian Husky refuses to take nightly walks outside owner’s property.

Dog Sniff Greeting Etiquette

Dogs know who should sniff who first.

Dog runs off into other people’s yards

Dog call training is key to stopping the problem.

Dog won’t walk on a leash

Ease her back into the habit of walking on-leash with reward and praise.

Dog Afraid of the Pool

Is there anything we can do to encourage our dog to use the swimming pool?


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