Ask the Trainer with September Morn

Dog Peeing When Excited

Many puppies pee when meeting new people or becoming overexcited. Our expert trainer explains how to help your dog overcome this messy habit.

Dogs That Dig Furniture

Some dogs have a habit of digging in and around the cushions on chairs and sofas. This habit can become expensive if the dog digs vigorously enough to tear the upholstery fabric and expose, or even remove, the stuffing.

Dog Pulling on Leash

Don't let your dog pull you around. Essential leash training tips to keep your dog from pulling.

Dog's Separation Anxiety Leads to Destruction

A Beagle's separation anxiety turns into destructive behavior. Learn how to help your dog and save your furniture!

Dog Peeing in Bed

What to do when your dog's favorite place to pee is your favorite place to sleep.


Cage-Free Boarding

Is cage-free the way to be? Our training expert answers your dog boarding questions.

Play Fetch, Not Keep Away

Make playtime more fun by teaching your dog how to play fair.

Adding A New Dog

Introducing a new dog to your home can be challenging for current residents. Our training expert explains how to make your new addition a smooth transition.

Puppy Training: Pee Pads

Having trouble potty training your pup? Check out our expert’s puppy training tips.

Dog Behavior: Jealousy

You do your best to love your dogs equally. Find out how to be the best pet parent when your dog thinks equal is not enough.


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