Bloat Hazards and Precautions

Bloat is a stomach enlargement caused by overeating, but stomach enlargement can also be serious.

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To finally get around to answering your question, GDV would be unlikely in a Basset Hound, and most likely she is overeating or swallowing lots of air. If you think she is very gassy, Gas-X, the human over-the-counter formulation of simethicone, can help provide comfort. Give it at the same dose as you would for a person.

Regardless, a bloated abdomen or gagging without vomiting is always an emergency in a large-breed dog. Rush right into the nearest veterinary clinic, so the veterinarian can rule out this life-threatening condition.

Finally, some large-breed dogs have their stomachs surgically permanently attached to their body wall ("pexied") to prevent GDV. This is often done in breeds at risk, and now can be done with less-invasive laparoscopy, where several small holes are made in the abdominal wall without the need for a full incision.

Jon Geller, DVM

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