Homemade Dog Food

Keeping it simple is the key to feeding your dog.

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Choose a premium brand of dog food that has been field tested by the AAFCO, and that is suitable for your dog's situation (i.e., puppy, senior, weight reduction). In addition, your dog should seem to like the food, and it should not cause any possible allergic side effects, such as skin disease and chronic vomiting.

The choice to feed a homemade diet is definitely worth consideration for dog owners who have concerns about how their dog is doing on commercial dog food. A recent survey of pet owners showed that about 92 percent of pet owners feed a commercial diet to their pet. If you are a dedicated dog owner with some extra time, you could consider being part of the 8 percent who prepare and cook their dog's food. If you do so, follow published recipes that have been shown to be nutritionally complete.

The advantage of a homemade diet is that there are no preservatives, and you have control over the quality and condition of ingredients. Your veterinarian should be able to direct you to recipes for a complete homemade diet.

Jon Geller, DVM

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