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Most dogs with selective appetites are just plain picky!


Q. We have owned our 15-month-old spayed Dachshund/Jack Russell Terrier mix for four months. She gets tired of eating the same food all the time. Well buy and change the type (same make, different flavor) to satisfy her appetite. Once we do this, she'll start eating again, until a few days later when she'll tire again and won't eat.  Any advice would be great.

Dr. Jon GellerA. It sounds like your little dog is in control of the family dynamics. She has you making frequent shopping trips on her behalf for a different flavor of food each week. Unless there is something wrong with her digestive system, which I doubt, you must simply wait her out. Of course, always keep water available.

If she gives you the look, be strong and ignore it. Your dog is simply a finicky eater and you must not succumb to her dramatic starvation antics.

Jon Geller, DVM

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Ruth   Bremerton, WA

11/19/2011 7:40:59 AM

Typical advice...there is no reason why a dog must be starved in order to get him/her to eat. Rotating foods is a great way to get variety into a dogs eating program. All you need to do is add canned, raw, dehydrated and/or healthy human foods into their meals and never leave the food bowl filled. Offer one or two small meals a day and pick it up the moment the dog walks away from the bowl. No in between meal treats until the dog eats its entire meal. Find foods that excite the appetite and preferably without grain. Most pet stores will offer free samples...get several and try them out and when you find a couple that the dog likes, buy a couple of different flavors and offer variety.

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