Dachshunds Require Careful Handling

An unusually long spinal column makes these dogs prone to back problems.


Q. I am in the fourth grade. We have a Dachshund. In Dachshund books it says kids shouldn’t hold them while standing up, but I am mature and hold him the right way. Can I stand up while holding him?

A. Dachshunds, as you know, have very long bodies. They often have problems with their backs due to their unusually long spinal columns. It’s easy for one of the cartilage discs in a Dachshund’s spine to slip out of place, causing pain and possible paralysis.

If a Dachshund is dropped from up high there’s a bigger risk of back injury. Therefore, it’s true that young children shouldn’t hold these dogs while standing up because if the dog struggles enough, he could fall out of a child’s hands.
It sounds like you are aware of the risks and are careful when you’re holding your dog. Just make sure your friends don’t hold him unless they are sitting down because they don’t understand the risks the way you do.


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