Ask the Vet with Jon Geller, DVM

Most Diabetic Dogs Need Insulin

Once dog’s blood sugar is under control, special supplement may help.

Many Things Cause Dog Diarrhea

Definite diagnosis of dog diarrhea typically requires several tests.

New Collars Comfortably Keep Dog From Licking Wounded Paw

Dogs licking a wounded paw won’t heal but a comfortable collar could help.

Start Trimming Puppy’s Nails Now

Don't trim the puppy's nail too short or risk cutting into the sensitive "quick."

Use Sunscreen to Reduce White Dog’s Skin Cancer Risk

Trimming face and feet hair won’t increase risk of dog skin cancer.


Dog’s Odd Behavior Not From Inflammation

Pain may be cause of dog’s unusual behavior.

Dogs Rarely Get Tetanus

Puncture from a rusty nail not likely to cause a problem.

Solving Dog’s Skin Problems Is Expensive

After costly treatment, dog needs a dermatology specialist.

Dog’s Excessive Drinking Is Concern

Whenever a dog starts drinking excessively, a vet visit is in order.

Yard OK for Puppy after two years

Parvovirus too old to affect new puppy in backyard.


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