Ask the Vet with Jon Geller, DVM

Put Dog With Diarrhea on a Fast

Fast, then bland diet, helps heal dogs’ intestines.

Dog’s Shaking Getting Worse

If shaking increases, get dog a neurologic exam.

Carrier Lets Puppy Go on Long Walks

Young pup needs breaks while hiking around Scotland.

Dog with Blood in Urine Needs Vet Visit

Tests will diagnose cause of dog’s bloody urine.

Swimmer’s Tail May Cause Dog’s Yelping, Panting

Pulled muscle happens while dog is swimming.


Thirsty Dog Is Also Losing Weight

More drinking, losing weight point to kidney failure or diabetes.

Kidney Disease, Diabetes Can Cause Dogs’ Bad Breath

Look beyond dental problems to solve bad breath in dogs.

High Microalbuminuria Alone Does Not Seal Dog’s Fate

Further tests will reveal true function of dog’s kidneys.

Dog’s Collapse Could Be Mini-Stroke

When artery is blocked only briefly, dog will show stroke symptoms.

Keep Runs Short Until Puppy Is 6 Months

At 8 or 9 months, German Shepherd Puppy can take longer runs.


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