Ask the Vet with Jon Geller, DVM

Dog’s ‘Cauliflower’ Ear Trouble

Cleaning a dog’s cauliflower ear is a challenge, but the consequences are worse.

Sick As a Dog

Are my kids making my Boxer ill?

Lump in Dog's Mouth Could Be a Tumor

A lump in a dog’s mouth should be checked out by a veterinarian because it could be a tumor.

Dog Urinary Accidents

Incontinence in adult, female dogs is commonly caused by one of two easily diagnosed conditions.

Dog with Breathing Problems Needs Help

Lifestyle changes and medications can help a dog’s collapsed trachea.


Is My Dog Drinking Too Much Water?

Excessive water consumption can indicate several illnesses in dogs.

Dog With Puffy Ear Flap May Need Surgery

Aural hematoma requires drainage and ear infection treatment.

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Testing Is Crucial for Dogs

Blood tests before surgery can prevent permanent damage to your dog’s kidneys.

Get Tests for Dog’s Chest Mass

Take the opportunity to have mass diagnosed at vet school.

Dog’s Hair Loss Is No Laughing Matter

When a dog loses hair on its tail, it can be a sign can be a sign of a more serious problem.


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