Ask the Vet with Jon Geller, DVM

Dog’s Weight Loss, Cough Point to Heart Disease

Conduct a echocardiogram, X-ray re-examination on the dog to pinpoint if the problem is heart disease.

Cushing’s Can Cause Dog’s Coat and Ear Changes

Hormonal imbalance typically causes a pot belly and increased water intake.

Old Dog’s Behavior Is Not Normal

Whining and crying at night may be first sign of Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome.

Sudden Bad Breath in Dogs Can Mean Dental Disease

A good dental checkup will reveal any problems with dog’s teeth.

Flea-Bite Anemia Zaps Dogs’ Energy

Get a handle on fleas to re-energize dog.


Petsitter Can Help Curb Dog’s Anxiety

Less time alone is answer for dog who gets into trash and digs destructively when home alone.

Does Raw Food Help Dogs’ Arthritis?

Supplements may be a better way help dogs’ joints feel better.

Weight Loss Is Best Rx for Dog’s Arthritis

NSAIDs can help if weight loss doesn’t ease dog’s pain.

Get More Tests for Dog’s Digestive Problems

An ultrasound, endoscopy, and PTLI will help with diagnosis.

Dog’s Swollen Abdomen Could Be Serious

Anytime a dog’s stomach swells suddenly, it calls for a trip to the vet.


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