Ask the Vet with Jon Geller, DVM

‘Collapsing’ Boston Terrier Needs Heart Monitor

A dog who collapses most likely has heart disease or narcolepsy.

For Dog Health Specialists, Find a Vet School

Dachshund with spinal injury needs orthopedic specialist for back surgery.

Lead Poisoning From Paint Unlikely in Puppy

Toxicity signs are vomiting, lethargy, and anemia.

Use Prescription Diet for Obese Dog

After your dog loses the weight, a less-expensive weight control diet will keep him there.

Dogs Don’t Get Hepatitis From People

Vaccination prevents canine hepatitis from spreading dog to dog.


Early Spay May Lead to Incontinent Older Dog

Leave puppy with rescue for later spay surgery.

Dog With Urinary Stones Needs Immediate Surgery

Toxins in the bloodstream from urinary stones can lead to death.

Get Your Dog Regular Vet Checkups

Genetic diseases are unpredictable, but good nutrition and regular checkups help.

Possible Yeast Infection on Dog's Mouth

Spots near dog’s mouth may look like mold but its most likely from a yeast infection.

Dog’s Lesion May Be From Trauma, Infection, Even Cancer

If it doesn’t begin to heal on its own, time for a trip to the vet.


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