Ask the Vet with Jon Geller, DVM

Diet for Young Dog’s Gastroenteritis

Use fast, then bland diet followed by plain foods will clear up most cases of “garbage gut.”

Monitor Dogs’ Stools, But Don’t Obsess

Danger signs include tarry and black, or bright red.

Dog’s Limp Tail May Be Cold Water Tail

Most dogs recover on their own, but pain medication can help.

Mini Dachshund May Have Reflux Disease

Reduce stomach acid to relieve dog’s symptoms.

Getting Eye Drops Into Your Dog

Try these methods for administering prescribed eye drops.


Dog Licking Toes? Look for Yeast Infection

Rust color on toes indicates infection in Miniature Schnauzer.

All Puppies Need Deworming

Don’t wait for diagnosis to start deworming uncomfortable dog.

Stick to Meds for Dog Licking Paws

Dog licking paws to soothe irritation can turn into obsessive behavior for some dogs.

Dog Can’t Kick Ehrlichiosis

PCR analysis can confirm diagnosis, but weight-loss needs further tests.

Bulldogs Can Learn to Swim

Don’t just throw your dog into the water, though.


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