Plastic Bowls Don’t Turn Dogs’ Noses Pink

Your dog’s nose is safe, regardless of the bowl he eats from.


Q. I know this sounds crazy, but someone told me that if you feed your dogs in plastic bowls the black on their noses turns pink. I have never heard this before and actually laughed, but then thought maybe there was some truth to it. So, I figured a veterinarian would know if this was true or just hocus pocus.

A. Actually, the plastic bowl will only turn a dog’s nose pink if the bowl itself is pink! On a more serious note, dogs’ bowls should be clean and impervious, without rust or discoloration. Ceramic bowls are best for keeping water cold.


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Allishia   Brampton, DC

2/16/2011 11:26:15 AM

Actually, plastic bowls are a cause of turning a dogs nose from pink to black. The bowl itself does not have to be pink, that is just silly. The dog may have "Contact Dermititis" basically, they may have an allergy to that certain plastic or the materials that are in it.

If your dogs nose has gone from black to pink it may just be because of the season change. My dogs nose goes pink during the winter and regains its pigmentation during the summer.

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Amy Jo   Fort Smith, AR

8/21/2009 7:01:43 AM

i am currently in the market for new lab pups and contacted the breeder of our family dog. I was addressed with the question of the pink or black nose, and look at dozer our families lab and his was black but has turned pink in spots, and he uses a plasic bowl so i believe it does make a difference. We are going to use a glazed ceramic and see if it helps

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Amy   Cobourg, ON

1/15/2009 1:48:49 PM

I also have heard this and I have a 4 yr old golden retreiver whose nose is now all pink and also uses plastic bowls. Why do you think her nose has turned pink then??? People do not believe me when they ask if she is purebred because her nose is now pink!! thanks

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