15 Amazing Dog Cakes

Because the only thing I love nearly as much as dogs, is cake.

By | Posted: July 14, 2014, 8 a.m. PST

I celebrated my birthday this weekend - yay me! While I don't normally like to make a big fuss (okay, that's only partially true) it happens to be a big one and I'm going all out. There are two things I love in this world -- ok five things, but: husband, family and Guinea Pigs- today is not about you, what I love most are dogs and cake, so today in honor of my birth, I'm going to talk about that.

Like so many other victims of the summer birthday, I watched as kids brought in cupcakes to class, knowing I would never get to experience such joys. Don't get me wrong, my parents tried to throw me birthdays, but they ended up being more of the invite your favorite, few friends and hope for the best, as summer vacations and camps made it hard to plan. At the office we have a tradition of celebrating everyone's birthday with a delightful feast, but alas I'm not at work either and so I'm left to celebrate myself, my way and why not? I'm the editor after all. It's my party and I'll write if I want to.

Before you find this to be too sad I should mention that I celebrated my birthday with a vacation and visits with friends and family exactly as I would like - it just doesn't sound as funny when I say that. 

So on that note, here are the 15 best dog-themed birthday cakes, I never had:

1.  I love a cake with a little something extra to chew on.

Jack Russel Dog Cake

Photo from Picsgen

2. This cake that looks a little too much like the real thing.

Yorkie Cake

Photo from The-Cake-Lovers

 3. No one likes to get walked all over, but I'm pretty sure it's okay if these cute puppies walk all over my cake.


Dog Cake

Photo by the FoodAdventure

 4. I don't discriminate, dog cupcakes are great too.


Dog Cake

Photo from thecupcakeblog.com


5. I really "dig" this dog cake.


Dog Cake

Photo from worthpinning.com

6. I'd be happy to take these guys on a walk... or a taste test.


Dog Cupcakes

Photo from pinkribbonbakery.ca


7. This lady like pup would be the perfect treat for any dog-loving, birthday girl.


Puppy Dog Cake

Photo from tipskidsparty.com

 8. These soulful eyes are the true meaning of puppy love. This cake is certainly to "sweet" to eat.


Labradoodle Dog Cake

Photo from cakesdecor.com

9.  If I was ever turned into a dog cupcake, I imagine it would look something like this.


Dog Cupcakes

Photo from the CupcakeBlog.com

10. We've all wondered what dog food might taste like.


Dog Cake


11. These Bulldog cupcakes don't look excited to celebrate, but as an owner of a Frenchie I know that the look on the outside of these wrinkly pups doesn't always match the sentiment within.

Bulldog Cupcakes

Photo from BaggyBulldogs.wordpress.com


12. Please someone make me this magical looking dog cake.

Dog Cake

 Photo from MaydenCake.blogspot.com

 13. You should never give puppies as gifts, but a gift box with a dog cake, is totally okay.

Dog Gift Box Cake

Photo from CakeCentral.com


14.  You should always let sleeping dogs lie, especially if it's their birthday.


Sleeping dog cake

Photo from TastyTreats.co.uk

 15. If someone made a cake inspired by me writing about dog cakes, this is what it would look like.


Snoopy dog cake

Photo from  Dahlia's Cakes

Have you ever gotten a dog-themed cake or dessert for your birthday? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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