Best New Dog Products at New Product Expo

Here is a peek at what is new and neat in the pet product world, coming to a store near you.

By | Posted: March 27, 2014, 9 a.m. PST

For new cars, the auto industry has the Detroit Auto Show, for clothing, there is Fashion Week in New York, and for the pet industry there is the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, the largest annual trade show, which features 1,000 product exhibitors and more than 3,000 new products.

Here are some of our favorite finds for dogs at this year’s show, held March 12-14:

1. Petmate Dig and Burrow Bedding

Dogs love to dig and make comfy nests in blankets, towels or whatever is available. Building on that behavior, this new bed has gathered plush fabric that lets dogs paw, dig and snuggle in the loose fabric to make just the right spot to snooze, promoting a den-like sensation.

  • Orthopedic bed, 27’’ x 36’’, $74.99
  • Lounger, 24’’ x 20’’, $49.99
  • Lounger, 30’’ x 24’’, $64.99
Product Dig and Burrow Bed Petmate

2. PetSafe SocialPet™ Camera and Treat Dispenser


We trade photos of our favorite pets with family and friends all the time, now this nifty new device from PetSafe lets you check in on your pets, and give them a treat, but also you can let your wired friends do the same thing and even post and share photos and videos of them on Facebook. $199

Social Pet Social Pet Treat dispenser


3. SolvIt Deluxe Car Safety Harness and Tether

This padded safety harness and tether have been crash tested to federal government safety standards, which few products can boast. Comfortable and stylish, what is different is that this new product costs a fraction of what you would pay for other crash-approved safety gear. Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, starting at $28

Solvit Harness


4. Magic Latch

Ever try to latch or unlatch your dog’s leash while you are fumbling with your phone or groceries? This ingenious new device uses a magnetic connection to make latching and unlatching easy and quick, and something you can do with only one hand. Great product for anyone who wishes they had another hand, or has arthritis or mobility issues. $19.99

Product Magic Latch


5. Kibble Kaddie by Ruffwear

If you take your dog camping, paddleboarding, kayaking, or just for travel, this kibble carrier is a great accessory. Features grease-resistant lining to protect your dog’s food from moisture and as pour the food from a built in spout, its roll-down, sealed top adjusts in size from the full capacity of 42 cups of kibble. $39.95

Product Ruffware


As with all new products, some of these are on the way to stores, while others can be purchased in coming months.



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Ellen - 15750   Madison, WI

4/2/2014 10:39:58 AM

I can't wait to try some of these! Thanks for making me aware of these new products.

User Avatar

Ernie - 165025   Irvine, CA

3/31/2014 9:36:41 AM

According to the manufacturer this is a new product. We find no mention of this product on the Center for Pet Safety website, or in their latest 2013 safety product
The Editors

User Avatar

Cindy   Huntington Beach, California

3/28/2014 8:00:58 AM

The Solvit harness designs were proven to be unsafe by the Center for Pet safety. Please do not just take the manufacturer's false claims as truths. Using this can seriously injure or kill dogs in cars. Check with The Center for Pet Safety for details. This is just a walking harness with some false safety claims. Beware!

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