6 Dog Books That Honor Military Canine Heroes

Remarkable stories of the amazing dogs who have served our country throughout history.

By | Posted: May 22, 2014, 8 a.m. PST

Military Dog
This weekend, as many of us go forth into the wilderness for camping, boating, and other leisure activities. It’s good to take a moment to pause and remember the heroes (both two- and four-legged) that have died to give us the freedom to do these thing we take for granted.

There have been many books written on the heroic acts of our military canines and it is well-deserved praise indeed. From saving soldiers by dragging them to safety and alerting them of explosives to just being there for emotional trauma support, these dogs are the reason some of our brave men and women return to U.S. soil. They accomplish tasks with a type of courage, selflessness, and unconditional love that is unique to canine species.

Take one of these books with you this weekend as you travel, to share the stories of these courage canines. Or, lay one on your coffee table for your BBQ guests to look through. You may want to leave a box of tissues next to the books, your guests will need them.

1. Soldiers in Fur and Feathers: The Animals that Served in World War 1 – Allied Forces by Susan Bulanda ($15.29, Alpine Productions)

This book takes an in-depth look at the animals –not just canine – that served during WWI. Susan writes in an easy to read style that is quite enjoyable and does not detract from the importance of the text itself. 

Soilders in Fur and Feather


2. War Dogs: A History of Loyalty and Heroism by Michael G. Lemish ($14.04, Potomac Books Inc)

This lovely book spans from WWI to the present, telling a huge collection of true stories about courageous dogs – ones that even parachuted into combat!

War Dogs


3. Canine Commandos: The Heroism, Devotion, and Sacrifice of Dogs in War by Nigel Cawthorne ($11.90, Ulysses Press)

From World War I to present-day Afghanistan, this book covers the dogs who have served as loyal companions and trusted compatriots worldwide. A great collection of heartwarming and heroic stories of history’s most famous combat dogs.

Canine Commandos


4. None Came Home: The War Dogs of Vietnam by John E. O’Donnell ($14.08, Authorhouse)

Written by a USAF Vietnam Combat Vetern/K-9 Sentry Dog Handler who served in U-Tapao, Thailand, this book is more of a novel than a collection of stories and gives you an inside look at the handler/dog bond.

None Came Home


5. Always Faithful: A Memoir of the Marine Dogs of WWII by William Putney ($11.69, Potomac Books Inc)

Most people do not think that the Marines would have much use for dogs. However, this memoir written by a veterinarian who joined during the height of WWII and commanded the Third Dog Platoon during the battle for Guam tells us different. Putney’s chilling re-accounts will take you to the fronts and leave you in tears.

Always Faithful

6. Hero Dogs: Secret Missions and Selfless Service by Lance M. Bacon ($13.84, White Star Publishers)

This great book has amazing tales from contemporary heroes, including the canine that helped get Bin Laden. It’s filled with never-before-seen photos and heart-wrenching stories about dogs that give everything for a cause they do not know or understand.

Hero Dogs


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Thank you so much for these superb and meaningful lists.

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