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Dog-Friendly Vacations That Will Make You Feel Like an Excellent Person

Looking for a way to celebrate yourself, your dog and the environment all on one trip? Check out this awesome way you can give back and "go green" on a dog-friendly "vacay.”

Service Dog Gives Victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing the Motivation They Need

A young married couple lost their limbs and had their lives turned upside down last year, but they are working through the difficult time with the help of a dog named Rescue.

Canines Fly High With Extreme Dog Stunt Show

These athletic and talented rescued canines entertain with incredible tricks that are not to be missed!

Dogs Kissing Babies: 6 Shining Examples of Why Every Baby Needs a Dog

What do you get when you put dogs and babies together? 6 insanely cute videos of dogs and babies kissing.

Zoey and Jasper: A Rescue Dog, a Baby and a Series of Hats

Mother captures friendship of her rescue dog and 10-month old baby in what are possibly the cutest photos you’ll ever see.


Pit Bull Sports Adorable Mustache

Dog loving, mustache enthusiasts rejoice -- we've found you a new mascot.

11 Things You Didn't Know About Greyhounds

These awesome dogs are well known for their racing history, but there is so much more to this unique and surprisingly docile breed.

Make a Fast Friend! April Is Greyhound Adoption Month

While we encourage you to adopt a Greyhound throughout of year, April is the month we celebrate these beautiful and speedy dogs.

Can Dogs Tell Time?

While dogs may not be able to read the hands of a clock, a revelation by NOVA explains how dogs tell time using their amazing sense of smell.

Ever Wonder What Your Dog is Thinking?

From what animals understand to which animal is the smartest, a new special from NOVA has the answers you’ve always wanted to know.


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