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Pampered Pooch or Spoiled Spaniel?

Find out if your dog has you wrapped around his little paw or is just well-taken care of.

Fall and Thanksgiving-Inspired Dog Names

Want a name that captures the feeling of the season? You'll be fall-ing for these adorable dog names!

5 Ways Your Dog Can Help You Get a Date

You knew there was a reason you chose such a cute dog.

Gwen Stefani Teams with Petco to Bring Dogs Cool Clothes

Dogs will be stylish in the Harajuku Lovers brand.

How to Plan and Throw the Perfect Dog Party

Want to give your dog a special day? Treat your pup to a fun and festive party.


Would Your Dog Come to Your Rescue?

If you were lying in the street and only your dog was there to see it, would he care?

Urban Coyotes and Dog Walking

Have you ever encountered a coyote on a dog walk? Find out how to protect you and your dog.

Getting Health Insurance for Your Dog

Here are some questions to consider before buying pet health insurance for your dog.

Why Do We Love Dogs: The Human-Dog Bond

How do I love thee dog, let me count the ways.

The Hottest Doggie Must Haves from SuperZoo

These fancy finds will be on your must have list for sure!


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