Doggone Funny April Fools’ Hoaxes

What’s better than a well-played April Fools’ Day prank? One that features dogs!

By | Posted: April 1, 2014, 4 a.m. PST

Bring out the whoopie cushions, hand buzzers and practical jokes: It’s April Fools’ time! If you’re anything like us, though, you like your laughs with a good helping of canine, which is what makes these April Fools’ Day jokes by big-name companies and brands so knee-slappingly hilarious. Just try to make it through this list without a giggle!

Warby Barker
1. Warby Barker

Finally, eyeglasses for discerning dogs with less-than-perfect eyesight! Dog owners everywhere surely were disappointed to find out that Warby Parker’s new line of spectacles for dogs -- aptly named Warber Barker -- was just a plain ol’ April Fools’ joke. Sorry -- you won’t be seeing the Dogocle (a monocle for dogs, pictured above) anytime soon. Visit


2. The Hundstol

Dogs are people, too! At least, that’s the idea that IKEA Australia was trying to sell with the Hundstol, a glorified doggie highchair that debuted on April 1, 2011. According to the product video, "Not only are dogs a part of the family, but they’re like a trial run for kids.” Makes sense -- you wouldn’t want your child eating on the floor like a ... well, like a dog!


3. Denture Your Dog

Why settle for what nature gave your dog when he can have a smile that rivals Brad Pitt’s? Pedigree Dentastix ran this funny gag in the United Kingdom in 2012, which allowed visitors to upload a photo of their dogs and try out a new set of chompers. If perfect teeth aren’t your thing, try some "Dogula” (Dracula) fangs, or bling him out with a shiny, gold grill. Visit Doggie Dentures.

Doggy Dentures


4. PetBook K9

Tired of your dog using your laptop when you need it most? Tell her to get her own! Well, she’d be able to if Toshiba’s PetBook K9 -- labeled "the world’s first laptop for dogs” -- was a genuine thing. Outfitted with an organic rawhide casing (for chewing, of course), a DoggyCam for video conferencing (because what dog doesn’t have a ton of virtual meetings to attend?), and Bark-to-Text software, it’s a must have for tech-savvy pets everywhere ... or their gullible owners. See the Petbook.


5. Sony’s Animalia line of tech products

For the pet that has it all, Sony launched a spoof line of tech products targeted at owners with dogs, cats and hamsters, who really want to give their pets a unique entertainment experience. We’re most impressed with the Sony K9 4K TV, which has a paw-friendly remote control that features just two buttons: one for "play” and one for "Skype,” so dogs can interact with their owners in real time. Hmm ... is it weird that we wish this product was real?!


6. Google’s Translate for Animals

Here’s another one in the "wish this really wasn’t an April Fools’ gag” category: Google’s Translate for Animals. Promising to translate animals’ thoughts and sounds into human language, the Android app appears to be a brilliant way to find out what our furry friends have been saying to us all along. Alas, it was one of Google’s April Fools’ jokes in 2011, a company that takes pride in perpetrating hoaxes on April 1st. See Google Translate


7. The PetPetter

This one wasn’t created by a big company or brand, but it made us laugh! The Pet Petter claims to pet and brush your pet using a mechanized arm, saving you the trouble of doing it yourself. Because as the box claims (tongue-in-cheek, of course), "Pets are wonderful ... and filthy.” Actually, this product is just an empty box that you can purchase online, so you can play your own practical joke on your dog-loving friends. Don’t you just love April Fool’s Day? Check out PrankPack.


Happy April Fools!



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