Celebrate Madri Gras With Your Dog

Fat Tuesday is a day of fun and feasts! If you haven’t made plans, check out these festive tips for throwing a dog-friendly carnival!

By | Posted: March 2, 2014, 6 p.m. PST

Mardi Gras dogs. Photo Helen WoodwardTuesday, March 4 is Mardi Gras, the day when you can eat a lot, dress silly, and get festive beads. Why not let your dog in on your "Fat Tuesday” indulgences and let them enjoy the feasts of the day as well?

Properly Attired

Costumes are a Mardi Gras must. No carnival is complete without a little masquerading. As long as you are there to supervise your pet and can ensure there costume is safe and comfortable, you can really have some fun. Dress your dog up in beads, feathers and bright colors! Don’t have time to make a Mardi Gras outfit? Use an old Halloween costume, we won’t tell!

Dog doesn't like clothes? With the growing trends in creative dog grooming, you have plenty of options to add some Mardi Gras flair to your dog – color their coat with pet-safe dyes, or for a more conservative option, add feather hair flairs, a bandana, or nail polish to get your dog in the spirit.

See 8 adorable dogs and a tiny horse dressed for Mardi Gras>>

The Feast

Considering the main point of the day is to eat, make sure you have plenty of pup-tizers for the party.

  • Carrots dipped in peanut butter
  • Uncured mini sausages
  • Carob-dipped apple slices
  • Skirt steak overcooked and cut into jerky strips
  • Kibble rolled in peanut butter to make "kibble balls”
  • Deviled Doggie Eggs>>
  • Puptato Skins>>

Don't forget the King Cake! A Mardi Gras tradition. Get the dog-friendly recipe here>>

The Drinks

Mardi Gras is known to get a little wild in the beverage department. For the dogs try adding some chicken stock to the water for humans, check out our list of Dog-Inspired Cocktails>>

Dog Themed Cocktails

The Beads

Show off those... dog tricks! Giving and receiving beads is an iconic part of Mardi Gras. Keep this tradition alive with some dog and family-friendly fun. Give out beads for the following:

  • Show off your best dog tricks
  • Try a round of bobbing for tennis balls
  • Cake eating and costume contests

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing! These games will not only be enjoyable for your dog, but you and your guests will have fun too.

Don’t forget to crown a king and queen of Mardi Gras – whether you choose based on costume, party spirit, or who is the cutest "couple,” everyone is sure to have the best Mardi Gras ever when you include your dogs as well.


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