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Fancy Find: Wrap Gifts With Your Dog's Face

Does it really matter what the present is when it's wrapped in the greatest gift of all?

Treat Yo' Self: Dog-Friendly Gingerbread Cookies

Nothing is better than the smell of fresh, warm, gingerbread expect of course: sharing it with your dog!

Profit Pooches: Dog Breeds that Sell

Ever notice that certain dog breeds are more likely to make you pull out your wallet?

Build Snoopy’s Town and Get the Peanuts Kids Together in New Game

Snoopy’s Town Tale is available for download on iTunes.

Fancy Find: Hanukkah PJ's for the Dog-Lover in Your Life

Nothing says happy Hanukkah like mashugana dogs in yarlmulkes.


Fancy Find: Chunky Knit Dog Beds and Blankets That Will Make You Swoon

These gorgeous dog beds and blankets are a must for every comfort loving, dog-owning home.

Every Dog from Disney Animated Classics Compiled into One Chart

Goofy and Pluto: Both dogs, but only Goofy can talk?

Pampered Pooch or Spoiled Spaniel?

Find out if your dog has you wrapped around his little paw or is just well-taken care of.

Fall and Thanksgiving-Inspired Dog Names

Want a name that captures the feeling of the season? You'll be fall-ing for these adorable dog names!

Star Wars Dog Names

The force is strong with these dog names.


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