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13 Dog Moms Whose Love Knows No Bounds, Interspecies Maternal Love at Its Finest

What could be cuter than dog mom’s nursing sweet little puppies? How about dog mom’s nursing all kinds of baby animals –- yeah we thought so.

"Steadfast Stanley,” Everyone Needs a Loyal Dog in a Zombie Apocalypse

Adorable short film portrays the lengths a faithful dog will go to for his best friend.

12 Dog Movies That Will Have You in Tears

Need a good cry? Make some popcorn, grab a box of tissues and pop in one of these doggie-centric movies.

Perros In Sombreros: 10 Dogs Getting Festive for Cinco de Mayo

Not sure what to wear? How to act? Aye Chihuahua! Don't worry, these dogs have all the advice you need for a perfect night on the town.

Easy Peanut Butter and Applesauce Dog Treats

Looking for a tasty treat you and your dog can share? Check out this delcious and easy treat!


Teenager Becomes Heartworm Hero

After learning that her newly adopted dog had suffered for months with heartworm disease, one passionate 15-year-old girl is on a mission to save other pets from the same struggle.

Dog-Friendly Vacations That Will Make You Feel Like an Excellent Person

Looking for a way to celebrate yourself, your dog and the environment all on one trip? Check out this awesome way you can give back and "go green" on a dog-friendly "vacay.”

Service Dog Gives Victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing the Motivation They Need

A young married couple lost their limbs and had their lives turned upside down last year, but they are working through the difficult time with the help of a dog named Rescue.

Canines Fly High With Extreme Dog Stunt Show

These athletic and talented rescued canines entertain with incredible tricks that are not to be missed!

6 Must Have Tips For a Safe, Happy and Dog-Friendly Easter

We've got an Easter Basket full of safety tips to keep your hound safe and sound.


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