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Date Worthy Dogs

Are you looking for that perfect someone, both four-legged and two-legged? The two just might be connected!

MUTTerings: Posh Puppy Hotel

Let’s face it: When you see something called a "dog hotel,” it’s probably a boarding and daycare facility shined up like a new penny to make it look less like a large concrete room where dogs romp around and more like a playground for toddlers. The phrase "dog hotel” is anthropomorphism gone wild.

MUTTerings: Dog Apps!

Looking to make your phone or iPad more dog friendly? Check out Nikki's picks for fun and free apps.

Designer Dog Decor

When company comes over, do they trip over chew toys, step in water bowls, and have to move your dog’s oversized bed to have room for their feet by the couch?

MUTTerings: The Curse Of The Puppy Purse

Little dogs that are carried everywhere can turn into unholy terriers (or terrors, take your pick).


Ditch The Allergies, Not The Dog

For those who suffer from dog or other pet allergies, simply avoiding these animals is not always possible or even an option.

Irish Dog Names

Looking for a St Patrick's day reminder that lasts all year? Consider giving your dog one of these Irish or St. Patrick's themed names.

St. Patricks' Day Dog Treats

Even if you don’t own an Irish terrier or Irish Wolfhound, your dog will feel very lucky this St. Pat’s Day with these easy to make Shamrock Dog Treats.

MUTTerings: Great Puppy and Dog Products

I’m constantly trying out new dog products and keeping my ear to the ground for products that other dog lovers are raving about. I’m all about practical dog and puppy products and making sure I have everything I need for nearly every possible situation. Here are a few of my “must have” dog product picks for your puppy or dog.


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