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From dog home, adorable dog photos, holidays with dogs and just life in general, we've got the dog stories that improve you and your dog's way of life.

Do Dogs Love?

Top experts offer insights into the bond dogs have with people and other animals.

14 Ways to Stay Popular at the Dog Beach

Many dog beaches don’t have rules, but there are many unspoken ones. Here are 14 tips to make sure the only heated glares you get are from the sun.

Dog Travel By The Numbers

Surprising statistics on dog travel and five things you should never leave home without

Flyball Training for Puppies

Fyball is an exciting dog sport that is growing by leaps and bounds.

Raising a Show Dog

If you’ve ever watched a dog show, you might have thought: "Wouldn’t it be cool if I had a dog who could do that?” The good news is that it’s possible. Not only that, but with diligence and persistence, it is likely.


A New Age for Assistance Dogs

Empowered by innovative training and cutting-edge technology, service dogs are changing lives in amazing ways.

Introducing a New Dog

Adding another dog to your home? Check out these tips for making your doggie introductions as smooth as possible.

Choosing a Second Dog

Thinking of adding a second dog? Find out how to choose the perfect dog to round out your dog house.

Pet Ownership On The Rise Among Singles

While families make up the majority of U.S. pet owners, the ownership gap between them and single adults has significantly narrowed over the last five years.

Travel By Numbers

When it comes to traveling, dog owners think long and hard before deciding to bring their little buddies along for the ride.


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