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When Should I Start My Puppy on Group Dog Walks?

Group dog walks can help your puppy be more adjusted, socialized and calm.

9 Holiday Gifts for the Dog Lover in Your Life

Looking for the perfect gifts for your dog loving friends and family? Gifts for everyone on your list!

Eccentricities of Dog Walking Clients

Oddities aren't such a bad thing when they revolve around a love of dogs.

The Day Bentley Ate the Glove

My dog has an oral fixation with everything. Not to lick, bite or chew but to swallow, whatever it may be hook, line and sinker.

Choosing the Right Cone for Your Post-Surgery Dog

Cones are no fun, but they are a necessary part of your dog's healing process. Find out how to pick the perfect cone for your dog and lifestyle.


Which Dog Breeds Do the Best at Dog Parks?

While all dogs love a romp at the park, some are better suited for social situations than others.

Hottest Dog Costumes of 2014

Is your doxie tired of going as a hot dog year after year? Is your pug sick of being a pumpkin? Maybe it’s time for a new look!

Poopgate: A Scandal Like No Other

Everyone should pick up after their dog, no question about it, but a few take it to a humorous level.

Halloween Dog Names

Whether you love the season or feeling spooky these dog names are sure to get you ready for Howl-o-ween.

New Harness Enables Fun Dog Videos

Go everywhere GoPro cameras have captured surfers and snowboarders, and now they are going to the dogs with a new canine harness.


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