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Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?

Does a wagging tail mean a friendly dog?

Easy Homemade Pupsicle Recipes

Treat your dog to a homemade icy dessert with one or all of these simple recipes.

New York's Most Popular Dog Names

In a big city filled with the latest trends, it only makes sense that dog names would be trendy too.

Bring Home the Bacon to Your Bacon-Loving Dog

Bacon is everywhere so it's only fair you let your dog get's in on the fun. From toys, to treats, to products and even bacon-inspired names, we've got everything bacon for your pooch!

GoPro Launches Dog Mount for Popular Video Cameras

The world from a dog’s point of view: in high-definition video.


Natural Products to Help Your Dog Overcome Car and Motion Sickness

It’s fun to take your dog along for a ride…unless your dog gets car sick.

Insights into World of Animal Actors

Book shares inside stories from trainers and others about how dogs and other animal actors pull off their performances.

Crowdfunding for Dog Rescue: Tell a Story with Video

Whether you are rescuing dogs, raising money or just trying to get amessage across, a video is a must.

Sleepypod Dog Harness Earns Top Rating From Safety Group

Award-winning, travel harness from sleepypod will be coming to stores this October.

Crowdfunding: Don't Be a Secret Agent

Get tips and tricks on how to crowdfund as I go through the steps to make my dreams for dogs come true.


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