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How to Store Your Dog's Dry Food

Keep your dog food fresh with these 6 easy steps.

Ask The Dog Walker: Dog Lies Down on Walks

My dog throws himself to the ground and refuses to move on. What do I do?

Naked People And Dog Walking

Because clearly these two go hand in hand...

When The Vet Tells You Your Dog is "Weird”

How does a dog go 8 years with a mouthful of problems you never knew about?

Products that Will Make Your Dog Feel Human

These products could be for two-legged kids, but they are going to the dogs!


Jack Russell Terriers: Modern Day Napoleons

Friendly, outgoing, energetic, lively, independent, clever, small dog with a particularly big dog attitude are words used when describing Jack Russell Terriers.

Editors’ Choice Winners

Here are our top picks for the best new products of 2014.

How to Choose the Right Dog Bed

Choosing a dog bed can be a daunting task – there are so many options

How to Build a Pet Ramp for Your Dog

As your dog ages, she will probably have hard time jumping onto the bed or couch with this simple DIY project you can help your dog get where he's going safely.

When Should I Start My Puppy on Group Dog Walks?

Group dog walks can help your puppy be more adjusted, socialized and calm.


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