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Tips to Maintain Your Dog's Weight During The Holidays

The holidays can provide you with temptation to feed your furry friend some delicious leftovers.

6 Products that Say Thanks to Your Dog

We know you are thankful for your dog, so we've rounded up gifts that show just how much you care.

6 Tips for a Dog-Friendly Thanksgiving

Have a safe and happy holiday you and your dog can be thankful for.

Best Dog Breeds for First Time Owners

While you can't go wrong with any dog, there are some breeds that are sure to provide a bit of a challenge to the new dog owner.

Dog Trick: Dog Limbo

How low can you go? Teach your dog to duck under a limbo stick or other objects.


How to Store Your Dog's Dry Food

Keep your dog food fresh with these 6 easy steps.

Ask The Dog Walker: Dog Lies Down on Walks

My dog throws himself to the ground and refuses to move on. What do I do?

Naked People And Dog Walking

Because clearly these two go hand in hand...

When The Vet Tells You Your Dog is "Weird”

How does a dog go 8 years with a mouthful of problems you never knew about?

Products that Will Make Your Dog Feel Human

These products could be for two-legged kids, but they are going to the dogs!


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