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The Captain America of Dog Walking

Captain America flew over the sand dunes landing smack in the middle of my dog walk.

7 Great Video Game Dogs You Should Know About

Video game fan? Dog fan? These are for you!

Dog Training: Stop Your Dog from Going Potty on the Patio

What do you do when your dog chooses the wrong place to potty outside?

6 Dog Mascots from Popular College Teams

America’s much beloved canine college mascots embody their schools’ pride.

Making Room for Dog and Baby (or Six)

The Perkins family rescues a dog, and learns they have six new babies on the way.


Is Your Dog Walker Walking Your Dog?

A good dog walker can be a life-saver, but what if you suspect your dog walker is not doing their job?

6 Dog Products Your Two- and Four-Legged Kids Will Love

There's no doubt your kid loves your dog, but how about taking care of them? Here are some fun new ways to match up fun and responisibility.

7 Unique Ways to Memorialize Your Dog

Saying goodbye is nevery easy. Remember your dearly departed dog with these creative tributes.

Is Dog Spit Cleaner Than People Spit?

He licks his butt, drinks out of the toilet and eats out of the trash. By all means, let your dog slurp on your face. He sounds like a regular clean freak.

5 Ways to Beat the Lonely Dog Blues

Your kids may not be the only ones sad to see summer end, the dog might be sad too.


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