7 Unique Ways to Memorialize Your Dog

Saying goodbye is nevery easy. Remember your dearly departed dog with these creative tributes.

By | Posted: September 9, 2014, 8 a.m. PST

We like to believe our dogs are going to live forever, but deep down, we know that isn’t true. It’s comforting, then, to know that there are so many options available that can help us pay tribute to our canine best friends, either while they’re with us in this life, or once they have passed over the rainbow bridge.

Here are seven creative ways you might not have thought of that pay remembrance to your precious pets.

1. Wear Your Dog Everywhere

One of the more stylish ways to remember your deceased dog is to immortalize him with a piece of customized jewelry. Etsy is a great website to find handmade jewelry and artists who will work with you to design a wearable work of art that is worthy of your pet.

On Etsy, check out Rock My World Inc., a shop that will design a pendant molded of your dog’s nose or paw print. 

Dog nose necklace

Photo from Etsy

Other companies, including Remembrance Diamonds, will actually create diamonds from your pet’s ashes.

If you’re feeling especially creative and have the foresight to have amassed a collection of your dog’s fur, you might want to try your hand at creating felted pet hair beads that you can fashion into a necklace or bracelet. Instructables has DIY instructions to do just that.

2. Send Your Dog Into Space

They can put a man on the moon, and now they can do the same for your dog. For $12,500, Celestis Pets will send a portion of your deceased dog (such as a lock of fur or one gram of his cremated remains) on a rocket to the moon. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly space adventure for dearly departed Spot, $4,995 will get your dog a ride aboard a spacecraft that will send him into orbit, where he will remain until he reenters the atmosphere and harmlessly vaporizes like a shooting star in a final tribute.


Dogs in space

Photo from CelestisPets


3. Make a Record of Your Dog’s Memory

Your dog might be gone, but the beat goes on -- literally. Vinyl lovers and record collectors might be interested in pressing their dog’s ashes into a vinyl record, which is a unique service that And Vinyly provides. Not only will your dog be forever preserved on a record, but you can record a personal message, add a soundtrack or just press the ashes and hear the natural pops and crackles of your beloved dog as they make their way around the turntable needle.


4. Send Him Out with a Bang

You’ve always thought your dog was "the bomb,” so how fitting would it be to pay tribute to his life with fireworks made from his ashes? Heavens Above Fireworks can incorporate your pet’s ashes into one of their professional fireworks displays (which can be set to your dog’s favorite music), or even create fireworks or rockets made of ashes for your own personal use at a private ceremony.



Pete Slater/Flickr 


5. Create Some Canine Art

If you don’t want to keep your pet’s cremated ashes in an urn, another choice would be to scatter them at some important or significant place. Loved Ones Art (www.lovedonesart.com) and Art from Ashes (www.artfromashes.com) are two companies that will create one-of-a-kind paintings based on a picture of the important place where you scattered your dog’s ashes, so that you’ll always have a work of art that memorializes that spot. They will also use a small amount of your dog’s cremated ash blended into the paint, so that it’s meaningful as well as beautiful.





6. Bite the Bullet

Avid hunters who lost their trusty canine hunting partners might want to check out Holy Smoke LLC, a company that will create bullets loaded with your pet’s cremated ashes. Depending on your weapon of choice, you can choose from rifle cartridges, shotgun shells or pistol cartridges, which you can keep in the sealed box they’re delivered in, or use them in a private gun salute or one last hunting trip.



Richard Robertson/Flickr


7. Get Crafty for Your Canine

If you’re a more traditional type and prefer to just bury or cremate your beloved pet, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of personality, too. Farewell Pet Funeral Kits allow you to purchase a casket or urn that you can assemble, paint and decorate to personalize according to your pet’s or family’s personality. According to the website, these kits are especially helpful for children, as they allow kids to "be a part of the service and participate in all the steps during this difficult time.”



Farewell Pet Funeral Kits 


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