2012 Me and My Rescue Contest Contest

Alice -
My adopted dog's rescue story:
Alice has a tattoo under her left ear, because for most of her life, she was just a number in a puppy mill. Alice was rescued by Small Paws Rescue Inc., and placed temporarily with a wonderful foster mother. She came to us last year, and has since become our beloved pet. Sweet, shy, and ever curious, she follows her humans wherever they go. Her fuzzy, wool-like coat and soulful black eyes make her one of the most beautiful dogs around. She enjoys nothing more than a warm blanket, unless it’s a soft pillow, or a tasty treat. She romps and plays with Lucy, our other bichon, but she is happiest when she is relaxing by the fireplace. Alice is the definition of love and trust, and she is a testimony of a dog’s capacity to forgive.
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Laurie - 217862   Washington, MO

6/12/2013 3:27:28 PM

I had Chewie entered in this contest and his entry/picture is no longer here. Can anyone tell me why?

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Larry - 252872   

6/9/2012 7:24:01 AM

It's amazing to read Susy's story, and I am not easily amazed. WHO would throw away such an obviously GREAT dog? Hard to conceive of a dog going from the pound in such bad shape to doing the job she does for America's wounded Soldiers. We could all take a lesson from that plucky GSD. Good going, Susy and Debbie!

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Alie   Tishomingo, MS

5/30/2012 8:02:43 AM

Some of these dogs aren't really rescued dogs.=( If you got from a pet store you didn't really "rescue"it.If you got from a shelter then yes you did save it because it would be put to sleep.Pet stores don't do
But on the bright side, there are some really good rescue stories here;I enjoy reading them.

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Becky   Maitland, FL

5/24/2012 10:39:48 AM

What a great story of adoption! You have made such a difference in his life as he has in yours.

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