DOG FANCY’s Readers’ Choice

Best Dog Movie

Starting this month, we’re asking readers to choose!

Are you passionate about a particular dog book? Is there a kind of dog shampoo you couldn’t live without? What about a dog event you love and attend every year? We want to hear about it!

Every month we’ll introduce a new Readers’ Choice category. Browse through the gallery of nominees to see if someone has already nominated your favorite. If you see your pick is already nominated, vote for it. If you don’t see it in the gallery, use the form below to upload an image or a photo of your nomination.

Spread the word about your nomination, and ask your friends to vote. The winners will be announced in DOG FANCY beginning with the April issue.

This month’s category: Best Dog Movie

You know the one – you’ve seen it a thousand times. Nominate your favorite dog movie for DOG FANCY Readers’ Choice by uploading a photo of it below!

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