How Smart Is Your Dog?

Take a quiz to find out how smart your dog really is.

When your dog gazes at you with those sparkling eyes, do you ever wonder how clever he really is? The following questions can help you determine how smart your dog is. Keep track of your answers, and use the key to determine your score. Remember, different dogs have different types of intelligence, depending in part on the breed's original purpose.

1. Your dog goes to his water dish for a drink and discovers it's empty. He then:
a. Lies down by the empty dish.
b. Checks to see if the toilet lid is up.
c. Stares at you and barks, or whines.
d. Takes his empty dish to you.

2. How many of his toys does your dog know by name?
a. All of them.
b. One or two.
c. None, but he likes to play with them anyway.
d. He has no toys.

3. The last time a friend visited you, she played with your dog for a while, throwing a toy for him to chase. Your dog had fun with her. When that friend visited again, your dog:
a. Greeted her when she arrived, then pretty much ignored her.
b. Acted as if he'd never met her before.
c. Ran and found the same toy they'd played with before and dropped it at your friend's feet.
d. Picked up the nearest toy and tried to get your friend to play.

4. How long did it take for your dog to learn to lie down on command?
a. He figured it out in one or two training sessions.
b. It took about a week before he got it.
c. It seemed to take forever for him to learn this.
d. I've never taught him to lie down.

5. When you arrive home after being gone for several hours, your dog:
a. Meets you at the door with a toy in his mouth as a welcome-home gift.
b. Meets you at the door and jumps on you (for about the millionth time).
c. Waits until you've taken off your coat and set down your keys, then greets you.
d. He lives outside and doesn't greet you until later.

Answer key
1. a=1, b=3, c=2, d=4.
2. a=4, b=3, c=2, d=1.
3. a=2, b=1, c=4, d=3.
4. a=4, b=3, c=2, d=1.
5. a=4, b=2, c=3, d=1.

Scoring guide
18 to 20: Your dog is brilliant, but you probably knew that. You've probably nurtured his intelligence, which is good, because if you ignore him too long he may make you wish you hadn't.

13 to 17: Your dog is very bright. You may be able to help him grow even smarter by spending a bit more time teaching new tricks and games.

8 to 12: Your dog is about average in intelligence, but he has good potential for learning and he's probably a great companion who seldom causes trouble.

7 or less: This score may not actually reflect your dog's true intelligence, but it may be the result of too much time spent alone. You can help build up his mental powers by getting more involved in training and playing games that exercise his mind.


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Jim   Kittanning, Pennsylvania

10/12/2014 5:27:07 AM

I currently have a female blk lab and she is by far the smartest dog I've ever had, she knows the difference between stick, ball, duck and her favorite FRIZBEE If I tell her to go get it so we can go play she will remember (most times) exactly where she had left it last in the house or outside and go retrieve it and bring it back! It's so amazing to me ... I have a large deck atop a hill and if I throw something for her she waits to see where it lands before running off to get it. Her name is Anna and she's my baby Just amazing and couldn't imagine life w out her.

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MamaBahama   Cherry Valley, IL

7/20/2014 1:52:05 PM

My dog has his own water dish as he absolutely detests having to share with the cats, LOL. And I change his water thrice daily so it is always fresh and always full.

User Avatar

Nancy - 272423   Evansville, IN

7/2/2014 6:19:37 PM

my dog and cat shares an automatic water fountain, and it is never empty!

User Avatar

Linea   Henderson, NV

6/26/2014 7:10:46 AM

I agree with pups water dish is always full of fresh water...he never has to ask

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