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2010 DOG FANCY Exclusive

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December 2010
DOG FANCY | December 2010

Create Your Own E-card
Upload a favorite photo of your dog and choose a greeting to create your very own e-card.

Grooming 101 Quiz
A well-groomed dog is happier, healthier and nice to be around. Take a quiz quiz to test your grooming know-how.

Dog Product Finder
Find out what's new in dog gear with our Dog Product Finder. Browse throgh product ratings and leave your own.

Holiday Tips for Dog Owners
Ease the stress of the coming season with these expert tips.

Shih Tzu Quiz
Can you correctly answer these five questions about the Shih Tzu?

German Wirehaired Pointer Quiz
See how much you know about this expert hunter. 

Cane Corso Quiz
How much do you know about this Italian breed?

SMART DOG EXTRA! Kids and Dogs Can Play Nice
Keep dogs and children from fighting over new toys during the holidays.

HEALTHY DOG EXTRA! 10 Human Medications Poisonous to Pets Revealed
Keep these common medications away from your pets.

November 2010
DOG FANCY November 2010

November 2010/Natural Dog
Natural Dog November 2010

Puppy Development Slide Show
View a slide show of key stages in a puppy’s development, particularly in the first year of your puppy’s life.

Holiday Cards and Calendars for Dog Lovers
Send holiday cheer or mark the start of 2011 with these dog-themed cards and calendars, proceeds from which benefit various dog organizations.

New Dog Owner Toolkit
Check out our toolkit -- packed with essential info and resources for anyone with a new dog in their life.

SMART DOG EXTRA! Train Your Dog to Wear a Car Harness
Before hitting the highway with your dog, train her to feel comfortable wearing a harness on car trips.

Shiba Inu Quiz
There’s more to the Shiba Inu that his fluffy good looks.

Border Collie Quiz
See how much you know about this spirited herding dog.

Weimaraner Quiz
Test your knowledge of this Sporting breed.

Natural Dog Food No-Nos
Learn about the 10 most common chemical ingredients a natural dog food shouldn’t have.

Dogs and Homeopathy Quiz
Take a fun quiz to test your knowledge on how homeopathy can help dogs.

Fresh Recipes for You and Your Dog
Get cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables; try a few simple recipes for you and your dog.

October 2010
DOG FANCY October 2010

October 2010/Adopted Dog
Adopted Dog October 2010

What Are Your Dog World Predictions?
Experts offered their predictions for next 40 years in the dog world. Now we want to know what you think!

UKC Premier Dock Jumping Video
Watch the canine competitors in action and see more coverage of the UKC Premier's top dogs.

DOG FANCY Cover Memory Game
Check out DOG FANCY covers from the past 40 years of the magazine's history in our 40th anniversary edition of the classic memory-card game.

SMART DOG EXTRA! Training a Dog to Wear Halloween Costumes
The trick is treating your dog for good behavior while wearing her outfit.

HEALTHY DOG EXTRA! Dog Bite Wounds in People
Learn the most common circumstances for bite wounds and what you should watch out for.

Dog Breed Rescue Directory
Browse a directory of national breed clubs' rescue organizations. Know of other breed-specific rescue groups? Submit their information to our growing database.

Could You Foster a Dog?
If you're considering fostering an adoptable dog, take a quiz to find out if you might be a good fit.

How We Met Photo Gallery
Share the story of how you and your adopted dog found each other. Then browse through the heartwarming stories of other dogs who have found forever homes.

September 2010
DOG FANCY | September 2010

How Dog-Friendly Is Your Town?
Answer a few questions to find out if your town is a great place to be a dog.

'How We Met' Photo Gallery
Share the story of how you and your adopted dog found eachother.

Canine Surgery Quiz
Find out if you're up to snuff on what happens if your dog requires an operation.

Airline Pet Policies Decoded
A printable chart explains the in-cabin and checked-baggage fees and special restrictions for flying your dog with 10 major airlines.

Treeing Walker Coonhounds Quiz
How much do you know about this rare and remarkable breed?

Bergamasco Quiz
How much do you know about this unique breed?

SMART DOG EXTRA! Ease Your Dog’s Back-to-School Blues
Help your dog become accustomed to less time with the kids.

August 2010
DOG FANCY August 2010

August 2010/Natural Dog
NATURAL DOG August 2010

Tales of a Well-Traveled Dog
Writer Helen Fazio shares some of her favorite memories traveling the globe with her dog, Raja.

What You Can Do to Help Greyhounds
Ways for dog lovers to get involved with Greyhounds, plus a directory of rescue groups.

How an Author Is Saving Dogs’ Lives
DOG FANCY sits down for a Q&A with novelist Fern Michaels.

"My Special Senior Dog" Photo Gallery
Upload a photo of your golden oldie and share a few words about what makes her so special.

SMART DOG EXTRA! Peaceful Coexistence for Dogs and Cats
Can dogs and cats living together really equal mass hysteria?

Natural Homemade Dog Treat Recipes
Homemade treats satisfy your dog’s cravings and your desire to feed her a healthy, natural diet.

Dogs and Snakebites Quiz
Do you know what to do if your dog suffers a snakebite? Take a fun quiz to test your know-how.

How to Build a Renewable Dog Fence
Learn how to build a sturdy fence to keep Buddy safe with renewable, eco-friendly materials.

Canine Massage Central
Learn more about the benefits and applications of canine massage.

July 2010
DOG FANCY July 2010

Guess the Breed Type Quiz
Take our short, fun quiz to see how savvy you are about breed type.

Canine Sports Video Gallery
Check out our video gallery to watch canine athletes in action and rate your favorites.

SMART DOG EXTRA! Proactive Noise Training for Dogs
Help your dog get over her noise phobia with these insightful recommendations.

June 2010
DOG FANCY June 2010

Dog Park Locator
Discover a new doggie playground in your hometown, or find parks to visit on your next road trip.

Roving Rover Contest
Show us where your dog’s been for the chance to be the face of dog travel!

How Much Do You Know About Your Dog's Heart?
Test your knowledge of canine heart health with a fun quiz.

Workin' Like a Dog Photo Gallery
In honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day, browse a selection of photos of dogs at work and add your own!

SMART DOG EXTRA! Dogs and Children
Bringing home an appropriate canine playmate starts with doing your homework.

May 2010
DOG FANCY May 2010

May 2010/Natural Dog
Natural Dog May 2010

Dogs and Parasites Center
Head to the Dogs and Parasites Center for everything you need to know to keep pests away.

Dog Collar and Harness Products
Check out our picks for new and innovative harness and collar products on the market.

Best in Show Contest
Enter DogChannel’s Best in Show contest and see how your dog stacks up against the competition!

SMART DOG EXTRA! A Second Helping of Dog
Your current dog might not accept a new canine roommate without proper preparation.

Natural Alternatives for a Dog-Friendly Lawn
All-natural alternatives work well and keep your dog and your garden healthy.

Have Your Say About Raw Food Diets
Visit our forums to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of feeding your dog raw.

Natural Dental Care Quiz
Take a quick quiz to test your knowledge of natural dental care for dogs.

April 2010
DOG FANCY April 2010

Best in Show Contest
Enter your dog in one of eight categories to compete against dogs from all over the country!

Puppy-Proofing Guide
Print out a room-by-room guide to help keep your new puppy safe at home.

Dog Breed Selector
Answer a few quick questions to find out which breeds are right for you.

SMART DOG EXTRA! Double Trouble Puppies
Know what to expect before getting two puppies simultaneously.

March 2010
DOG FANCY March 2010

Dogs Behind Bars Slide Show
View a slide show of images from several of America's prisons that run programs to train dogs.

My Dog's Food and Treat Log
Keep your dog's weight management on track with help from our printable food and treat log.

Dog Owner Grief Support Forums
A place for grieving owners to share memories and get encouragement following the loss of a pet.

SMART DOG EXTRA! Spend Wisely on Your Dog
Cut costs on training your dog without sacrificing effectiveness.

February 2010
DOG FANCY February 2010

February 2010/Natural Dog
Natural Dog Februaryu 2010

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth
Start your dog on a healthy dental regimen with help from this step-by-step slide show.

Dogs Playing Video Gallery
Visit our video gallery to see user-submited shorts of adorable dogs playing together.

America's Best Vets
DOG FANCY announces the regional finalists in the 2009 Thank Your Vet For a Healthy Pet contest.

SMART DOG EXTRA! A Dog-Training Celebrity
From author to television star, Victoria Stilwell’s passion for dogs knows no bounds.

Hemp Dog Product Guide
Our picks for eco-friendly and natural hemp-based products for dogs.

Dogs and Seafood Quiz
Take a fun quiz that tests your knowledge of canine nutrition and seafood.

Herbs for You and Your Dog
Recipes to use grow-at-home herbs in ways both you and your dog can enjoy.

January 2010
DOG FANCY January 2010

Pet Cam Chart
Use our list of current pet cams on the market to compare features, prices, and the bottom line.

Canine Dysplasia: Myth vs. Fact
Test your knowledge of canine hip and elbow dysplasia with an easy quiz.

Dog People We Missed
Think we skipped one of the most influential people in the dog world? Visit our forums to let us know.

SMART DOG EXTRA! Dog Park Etiquette
What you need to know about good manners and your dog’s well-being.

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