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November 2012


 Puppy Gallery 
Upload and share your puppy photos in our online gallery. 

Puppy Health  
Get advice from our veterinarian and dog experts on caring for your puppy.            

Everything you need ot know about this important procedure.

New Dog Checklist 
Adopting a puppy or dog? See our guide to preparing your home and finding happiness with your new friend.

5 Things to Ask A Breeder
These questions will help you determine a dog breeder's level of commitment.

Look-alike Photo Gallery
See the online entries for our Look-alike contest. 

My Doggie Valentine Contest 
Are you and your dog soulmates? Tell us Why!

October 2012


Dog Adoption Options 
Thinking about adopting a dog? Learn more about dog adoption and finding the right dog for your and your family.

Dog Adoption Success 
Read about America's dog-friendliest towns.            

Dog Adoption Forum
Connect with other dog lovers and owners about dog adoption.

Me & My Rescue Gallery 
See the online entries for the Me & My Rescue Contest.

Date-worthy Dogs
Are you looking for that perfect someone, both four-legged and two-legged? The two just might be connected. Find out which breeds can make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Halloween Photo Gallery
Do you have pictures of your haunted hound or spooky spaniel? Share your dog's Halloween pics in our holiday-inspired photo gallery. 

Natural Dog University 
Learn more about dogs and yourself as you discover ways to create a healthy and natural lifestyle for you and your dog.

September 2012


Mutt's Rule! Cover Contest Results 
Learn more about the winner and runner-ups from the DOG FANCY cover contest.

DogTown USA Headquarters 
Read about America's dog-friendliest towns.            

DogTown Quiz
Can you take your dog dinner? Does your town feature dog events? Where is the nearest dog park? Answer a few questions about your hometown to find out where it ranks.

Postcards From Bend 
Editor Ernie Slone Vistis DogTown 2012.

DogChannel Experts
From health questions and grooming to adoption and dog news, our experts are sure to have the answers to your doggie questions.

August 2012

DOG FANCY July 2012

Backyard Olympics
You can bring out the Olympian in your dog by setting up a doggie version of the summer games in your own backyard.

Rare Breed Center
Learn more about the Silken Windhound and other rare breeds in our brand new.            

Senior Dog Care
As your dog ages, her and body and needs will change too.

Forever Young Online Gallery
See photos of the online photo submissions.

Grooming Your Senior Dog
As your dog ages, her and body and needs will change too.

Summer and Your Dog Quiz 
Can you handle the heat? Test your knowledge of how this season affects your dog.

Canine Cognitive Disfunction Quiz
Test your knowledge of this senior pet health condition.

July 2012

DOG FANCY July 2012

Mutts Rule! Cover Contest
For DOG FANCY's September Mutts Rule! issue we're featureing a mixed-breed dog on the cover. We want you to help us choose the winner!

Get Groomed!
Our expert groomer gives advice on keeping your pup clipped and clean at any age.

DOG FANCY on Facebook
Have more doggone fun on Facebook. Join DOG FANCY on Facebook for dog news, photos and more.

Have you been sending your dog mixed signals? Find causes and correctens for the most common dog behavior concerns.


June 2012

DOG FANCY June 2012

Dog Law Classes
Sign up for Dog College to learn about dog law and much more!             

Safe Travels
Check out these tips for protecting your dog while on the road.

Be Preapred For Anything
Watch our video on building your very own disaster kit.

Grooming Advice
Tips and tricks from the DogChannel grooming expert.

Look-Alike Contest
Do you and your dog look like twins? Prove it! Enter our photo contest for a chance to be featured in DOG FANCY. 

Rhodesian Ridgeback Quiz
How much do you know about this athletic breed?

Coton de Color Quiz
Test your knowledge of this affectionate, playful breed.

Curly Coated Retriever Quiz
Test your knowledge of the oldest retriever breed.                     

May 2012

DOG FANCY May 2012

Meet the Breeds
Learn about your favorite dog breeds and discover new ones with over 250 dog breed profiles.             

Paw-sitive Healing
Learn about becomming a therapy team.

Dog IQ
Is your dog an honor student or a class clown? Give her our IQ test and see if she makes the grade.

Flea Busters
Fight back against fleas with tips from Flea and Tick Central.

Me & My Rescue Contest
Tell us your story and enter your rescue dog in our photo contest for a chance to be featured in DOG FANCY. 

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Quiz
Let's see how much you know about this breed. Can you correctly answer the following five questions about the Cardigan Welsh Corgi?

Greyhound Quiz
Test your knowledge of this loving, laid-back breed.   

Pumi Quiz
How much do you know about this alert and athletic herder?                     

April 2012

DOG FANCY April 2012

Puppy Products
Pet pro Nikki Moustaki gives her “must have” product picks for your puppy or dog.   

Dog Names Center
Find the perfect name for your new pup.

Puppy Vaccination
Learn about recommendations for vaccination schedules.

Puppy Behaviors
Find solutions to common puppy behavior and training concerns.

Dog Agility Video
Watch dogs zoom on the agility course at the AKC Eukanuba Championship.

Forever Young Contest
Enter your senior dog in our photo contest and see the gallery of online entries.

Irish Setter Quiz
Test your knowledge of this sociable sweetheart.                       

Pug Quiz
How much do you know about this lovable breed?

March 2012

DOG FANCY March 2012

Dog Breeds That Don't Shed
Looking for a non-shedding or low shedding dog breed? Check out our list of dog breeds that don't shed.

Keep It Clean
Must have cleaning tips and tricks to keep away the doggie dirt.

Dog Behavior Center
Find solutions to common dog behavior and training concerns.

Wild Side
Challenge yourself with a quiz about wild diets and domestic dogs.

Papillon Quiz
See how much you know about this tiny breed.

Beagle Quiz
How much do you know about this popular breed.

Otterhound Quiz
Test your knowledge of this friendly hound.

February 2012

DOG FANCY February 2012


Super Smile
Prevent doggie dental problems with these helpful tips on brushing your dogs teeth.

Get Social About Social Learning
Is your dog a copycat? Join the discussion on social learning and the canine mind.

For the Love of Dogs
See the gallery of online entries for the My Doggie Valentine Contest.

Dog Talent Agency Slide Show
Check out this slide show of images to see animal handler and talent agent Nancy Novograd at work.

Yorkshire Terrier Quiz
See how much you know about this tiny breed.

Bouvier Des Flanders Quiz
How well do you know this protective breed.

Scottish Deerhound Quiz
Test your knowledge of this Scottish hound.

January 2012

DOG FANCY January 2012


Introducing MUTTerings with Nikki Moustaki
Dog pro Nikki Moustaki shares dog news, events and stories on dog care, rescue, ownership, training and more in her weekly blog.

Herding Dogs
Energetic herding dogs find their calling among sheep, cattle, and other livestock.

Dog Nutrition Webinars
Get the answers to your nutrition questions, with these four informative webinars!

Dog Body Conditioning
Determine if your dog is the ideal weight by reading the clues of his body structure.

Basenji Quiz
How much do you know about this intelligent breed? 

Komondor Quiz
Test your knowledge of the corded Komondor.

Husky Quiz
Test your knowledge of this sporty and sociable breed.           

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