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September 2008

The dog-friendliest of them all. It's the city of Milk-Bones and honey biscuits. It's filled with doggie love and canine compassion. It's where your dog wishes you'd move. You nominated, we investigated, and now we crown this year's DogTown USA. 

Itchy and scratchy. They're not just Simpsons characters - they're symptoms of your dog's skin problems. Learn about the causes of and treatments for the five most common canine skin complaints.

Is your dog ready for a close-up? That on-screen presence might look perfectly natural, but behind every good animal actor is a great animal trainer. Join us as we venture behind the cameras to experience a day in the life of one of these busy professionals.  

Passport required. Journey into the exotic wilds of Africa with Canine Traveler as contributor Lorraine Chittock explores Kenya.

Meet the playful Pug, the vigilant Dogue de Bordeaux, and the affectionate Boykin Spaniel.

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