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February 2009

Playtime. Have you ever wondered what dog play is all about? We’ve got the answers. We’ll tell you 40 things to know about this common behavior, from its history to how you can incorporate it into the way you spend time with your pal. Grab your dog, and let the games begin.
Taking care of teeth. Dental care is an often overlooked aspect of dog ownership, but ignoring your dog’s teeth can have serious consequences. Learn about the health risks associated with bad teeth and what you can do to protect your dog. Keep him healthy, and he’ll be smiling for a long time.

The best vet. We reveal the results of our Thank Your Vet for a Healthy Pet contest, honoring the dedicated veterinarians who keep our animals healthy.

Natural Dog returns. Our popular double issue is full of the latest news from the natural care world. Find out if dogs need seafood in their diet, learn about the eco-friendly benefits of hemp, try growing your own herbs in a window box, and check out the latest news on the green scene.

Meet the lively Lhasa Apso, the dignified Great Dane, and the gentle Old English Sheepdog.





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