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March 2010

Help her stay healthy. Keep your dog happy by giving her the right food and keeping her fit. We’ve got the 411 on what you need to know about your dog’s exercise and nutrition, so she’ll be around for a long time. Keep your furry friend healthy, and you’ll both thrive.

Locked up. Did you know there are dogs behind bars across the country? Don’t worry, they’re not doing hard time. Instead, they’re helping rehabilitate inmates — and sometimes vice versa — through unique prison programs. Learn about these special dogs and how they’re changing inmates’ lives.

Losing your best friend. When your beloved dog dies, it can seem impossible to go on. But learning about the grieving process can help you understand what you’re experiencing. We’ll explain the stages of grief, and offer tips to help you find peace.

DIY dog bed. Want to save money? Check out Practical Dog to learn how to make your dog a sweet spot to sleep.

Get the right shot.
Fun Dog gives you tips on how to take an A+ photo of your dog. We’ll also announce a photo contest, so you can put your new knowledge to good use.

Meet the proud Saint Bernard, the protective Doberman Pinscher, and the unique Swedish Vallhund.


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