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August 2010

On an adventure. Some owners take their dogs to the store, but others take their furry best friends all over the world. Check out one writer’s account of three international adventures with her dog, plus tips for travel abroad. You might be inspired to head somewhere exotic.

Slowing down. As your dog gets older, there are many things you can do to help her transition to her next stage of life. Educate yourself by reading our article on 40 things you should know about senior dogs. Covering everything from diet and exercise to training and behavior, we’ll help you learn how to help her cope with age.

Rescuing Greyhounds. This graceful and elegant breed has sometimes been cruelly treated throughout its racing history. Learn more about their plight, history, and what is being done today to help these sensitive and affectionate dogs.

Young at Heart contest winners. We asked you to send in photos of your senior dogs, now see which golden oldies made the cut.

Natural Dog returns. Bringing you the latest info from the natural-care world. Learn about canine massage, green building projects, eco-friendly products, natural news and more.

Meet the fearless German Shepherd Dog, the independent but friendly Cairn Terrier, and the perky English Cocker Spaniel.

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