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DogTown USA®. We combed the country to uncover the best places to be a dog. From tiny town to major metropolis, coast to coast, we’ve tracked down the most canine-friendly locales. Find out which towns made our top 10, plus 30 other standout cities — maybe yours made the cut. 

Bringing home a rescue. Adopting a dog is an exciting event in your life — and your new dog’s. Follow our 40 tips for adopting a rescue, and learn everything you need to know to welcome her into your home. With information on behavior, integration, and how to prepare for her arrival, our tips will have you covered.

Understanding common surgeries. Learning that your dog may need surgery can be overwhelming for many owners. No need to fear: We’ll give you the 411 on common surgeries, including tips to help your dog prepare for and recover from surgery.

What kind of dog is this? We selected three of our readers’ dogs to be DNA tested, and asked you to guess their breeds. Find out the surprising results.
DIY dog bed. Practical Dog offers readers tips to make an easy-to-sew dog bed. Your dog will surely be counting sheep when you complete this fun project.

Meet the vivacious Pomeranian, the attentive Bergamasco, and the confident Treeing Walker Coonhound.


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