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Get a preview of our October issue.

DOG FANCY turns 40. We celebrate our anniversary by reflecting on the last 40 years of the dog world. Take a walk down memory lane as we look at the milestones and moments to remember in dog — and DOG FANCY — history. We cover everything from dog legislation and pop culture to revolutionary products and events. You might be surprised by how far we’ve come.

The future of dogdom. Check out our canine predictions for the next 40 years. We probably won’t have flying dog collars by then — but we do have some startling predictions from dog world experts. Join us for a look into the future for dogs and their owners.

UKC Premier. Get an exciting recap of all the dog fun and action at the 2010 UKC Premier. Find out about the standout stars and big winners in competitions like agility, obedience, and rally.

Martha Stewart and her dogs. The master homemaker opens up about her pet passions. Find out about her new line of pet products — and how she feels about her own pack.


Show your dog love. Get your camera out: We’re announcing a new photo contest.

Changing colors. The Go page takes you to the best dog-friendly leaf-changing spots in the country.

Meet the dignified Boxer, the cheerful Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen, and the independent Carolina Dog

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