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New year, new owner. Start the New Year right for you and your dog by trying our 30-day challenge, helping you become a better dog owner in a month. You’ll find new ways to improve your dog’s health, strengthen your bond, educate yourself, and more. Now that’s something to bark about!

Consider a career change. Have you always dreamed about working with animals? Maybe it’s time for a new career in the dog world. We’ll tell you what it takes to be a massage therapist, doggie chef, and pet sitter. Whether you’re looking for a gig on the side or a full-fledged change, you might be inspired.

Mythbusting. We’ve heard the same things over and over, but how many “dog facts” are actually true? Are certain dogs really hypoallergenic? Is one human year equal to seven dog years? We’ve consulted the experts to find out the truth — you might be as surprised as we were.

Training a special-needs dog. Smart Dog gives you the best tips for training your handicapped dog.

Adventures in Annapolis. The Go page takes you to Annapolis, Md., for all the tail-wagging fun the town has to offer.

Meet the affectionate Maltese, the gentle English Setter, and the playful Samoyed.

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